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Frequently Asked Questions

When are you open?

Our office is open 24/7.

Feel free to call us at 770-640-6008 or email us 24/7. You can book any vehicle you want 24 hours a day by filling out the online booking form on our website.

What do you do on or with a party bus or limo?

You can use the vehicle anyway you want to.

You can drive around & stay on for the entire duration of your charter, bar hop, tailgate or whatever the need calls for. Your vehicle will stay with you the entire duration of your charter.

When can you book a vehicle & how do you do it?

You can book any vehicle you want at least 1 day or more in advance by filling out the online booking form on our website which is 24/7.

Booking in advance is recommended as availability is based on first come, first serve. We recommend you book at least 1 month in advance for regular season, & 3 months in advance for Prom season to ensure you get the vehicle you want. Same day bookings are possible but not recommended as availability will be very limited & drivers may not be available.

What days & times can you book a vehicle?

We offer service 24 hours a day,

7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What are our Hourly minimums?

Certain exceptions apply such as holidays, proms or special events & select vehicles.

  • There is a 4 Hr. minimum
  • There is a 6 Hr. minimum during Prom season (Every Friday & Saturday in March thru May)
  • There is a 6 hr. Min. on New Year’s Eve (December 31st)
What credit or debit cards do you accept?
Topshelf Party Bu's Accepts Credit Cards

We accept all major credit cards,

including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

How do you pay for the vehicle?

A deposit is due upon booking payable by credit or debit card.

The remaining balance due is to be paid to the driver upon initial pick up in cash. If you prefer to pay the balance due with your credit or debit card, a 4% credit card processing fee will be applied to the balance due. This will be charged 1 day prior to your charter in this case. You must notify us in advance if you prefer to pay this way by noting this in the “special instruction box” located on the booking form.

What determines the price & what is the price range?

Price depends on these 4 major factors which will determine your rate:

  • Type of vehicle you choose (name of the bus or limo)
  • Number of hours you require
  • Pick up, Destination & Drop off Locations (travel fees will apply if outside metro Atlanta)
  • Date (regular vs. prom season)

During REGULAR Season (End of May thru end of Feb. – NON-PROM season), our 4 hr. minimum packages on Fri. or Sat. night for all of our vehicles if your pick up is in Metro Atlanta starts from $628 on up for party buses & $555 on up for limos. We have 3 hr. minimums Sun. – Thurs. which range from $476 on up for party buses & $416 on up for limos.

*NOTE: All of our 3 & 4 hr. min. pkg. rates are published on our Rates & Discounts page of our websites. You will still have to call us for any Sale prices or specials we are running, bus availability, if you want to book more than 4 hrs., what your deposit amount will be & for any travel fees that MAY apply.

During PROM Season (March thru 3rd weekend in May), we have a 6 hr. minimum & rates start at $1300 on up.

*NOTE: You must call for our prom rates which are NOT published on our websites.

How much are travel fees?

Any location more than 30 Mins. away from downtown Atlanta will incur travel fees.

Expect $100 (Reg. Season) to $150 (Prom Season) per hour that it takes our vehicle to arrive to your location. Anything from 31 mins. to 45 mins. is usually a $75 travel fee.

What discounts or specials do you offer?

Discounts are subject to change!

Currently we offer...

  • If you book 8 hours or more, discounted rates will apply for each hour!
  • If you book more than one bus for your event, discounts apply dependent on vehicle chosen.
  • If you book for consecutive days or nights, discounts apply dependent on vehicle chosen.
  • Some buses offer military discounts (usually $10 off per hour).
Can you bring food on the vehicle?


You can bring food on our buses or limos. Just make sure you bring paper plates, plastic dinnerware, & paper towels so you can clean up afterwards. We recommend you use plastic containers with lids so nothing will fall or spill out onto the floor or seats.

What do our vehicles come with?

Most buses & limos are BYOB (bring your own bottle) & come with cups & ice. Some come with soda, water, cups & ice (BYOB).

Certain select buses include a Free Complimentary Liquor Bar for adults 21 years old & over OR a soda, snack & candy bar for all underage minors. In addition, you may bring on any other beverages you prefer in addition to what the vehicle comes with. *You & your guests must be 21 years old to book a bus that comes with a full bar, or possess or consume alcohol on any bus, limo or vehicle booked thru our company. *A Soda, Snack & Candy Bar will be substituted for any bus that comes with a full bar for all underage minors.

What does the Full Bar consist of for the buses that come with a full bar?

One bottle of each liquor (Bar brand ONLY! – ½ gallon bottle):

vodka, rum, gin, whisky, tequila; 1 regular size bottle of white & red wine & 1 case of your choice of DOMESTIC brand of beer (Bud, Bud Light, Miller, Miller Light, Coors, Coors Light or Miller Genuine Draft.), as well as ONE 12 pack of coke, diet coke, sprite & bottled water. Cups and ice will also be provided. You can bring on anything else you prefer.

What does the Soda, Snack & Candy Bar consist of for buses that substitute the full bar for underage minors?

12 pack of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, bottled water;

24 pack of single bag potato chips; Hard candies placed in cups throughout the bus.

Can you smoke in our vehicles?

NO :(

Smoking and Vaping is strictly prohibited.

Are we affiliated with any clubs & do we offer club discounts or packages?

NO :(

You must call any club you are considering & ask the manager if they offer group discounts or specials (Must be 21 yrs. old). Most clubs will offer group discounts! Make sure to talk to the MANAGER! Feel free to mention our name & let them know we sent you!

What other fees are associated with our vehicles?

If applicable...

you will be responsible for any parking fees (for sports games, concerts, etc.) or gate fees (Lake Lanier Islands, Stone Mountain, etc.).

Can your vehicles go Out of State?

Some of our vehicle do have Interstate Authority

and they are legally able to cross state line.

Can you pick up at the airport?

Some of our vehicles can.

Specific vehicles have airport authority to pick up at the airport.

Can your vehicles get TV Stations?

Most TV’s are meant for DVD, CD & Karaoke Video ONLY (if applicable).

However, some of our vehicles do receive LOCAL TV stations. Only the 28 Passenger Rock & Roll Party Buses come equipped with In Motion Satellite Direct TV, which can pick up most college football games.

Can we put more people in the vehicle than it says it holds?

No :(

You must stay within the capacity listed for each vehicle. Keep in mind maximum capacity depends on the SIZE of each passenger (as listed per vehicle). We suggest staying under the maximum capacity to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Do we supply CD’s, DVD’s, or any other software or device?

No :(

We do NOT supply CD’s, DVD’s or any software for the buses (bring store bought cd’s, karaoke cd’s, IPod& IPod cable, or auxiliary cable) (if applicable).

What does each vehicle have in it as far as amenities goes?

Each vehicle has different amenities.

Click on the picture on the Fleet Page of our site to see what each vehicle has & pictures for that vehicle. Rates and Amenities vary with each vehicle.

Do you have a lost and found department?

Yes :)

Please contact our customer service department at (770) 640-6008 between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. While Topshelf Party Bus is not responsible for any items that are lost or left in our vehicles, we will do our best to help you locate any lost items.

Can we come see the vehicles in person?

Due to several factors out of our control, we are unable to provide this service at this time.

We guarantee all our vehicles & pictures on our website are current, accurate & will be the vehicle you receive if booked. We NEVER bait & switch. Your email confirmation will have all your reservation details in writing, along with our policies, rules, regulations & suggestions. You will never have to pay for a vehicle you did not order unless you gave us the authority to do so.

Is underage drinking allowed?

Absolutely Not!

Alcohol possession or consumption is strictly prohibited to minors under the age of 21 yrs. old.

What are our rules, regulations & policies?

See our

Simply click here: Privacy Policy. You can also find the privacy policy information located at the bottom left of this web site. Simply click the link.

Can we decorate the Bus?

Allowed only on the inside,

& if it doesn’t damage the paint or seats in any way. No adhesives. Use string to tie up banners or bring balloons. Make sure to bring scissors to cut off afterwards.

Recommendations for Sweet 16 bus parties?

A few recommendations...

Centennial Park, Skyview Atlanta, and “The Varsity”.

Recommendations for adult bus parties?

A few recommendations...

Popular Dance Clubs

  • Vanquish
  • Reign
  • Opera
  • Havana Club
  • Cosmo Lava
  • Compound

Alternative Suggestion

  • Dinner club & drag show – Lips Atlanta (
Recommendations for adult day trips?

A great recommendation...

wine tours in Dahlonega, Chateau Élan, Callaway Gardens, Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee, NC.

Recommendations for Christmas Light Tours?

A few recommendations...

Lake Lanier Islands, Stone Mountain, Callaway Gardens.